Anna Kendrick Sarcastically Took Home An Award For Being ‘Physically Perfect’

After Pitch Perfect 2 made $287 million at the box office, Pitch Perfect 3 was inevitable. And it’s happening… eventually. The film was originally scheduled to be released on July 21, 2017, but Universal pushed the date back until December, ensuring an extra five months of aca-puns. Then, Elizabeth Banks threw away her old-timey megaphone thing and stepped down as director.

Don’t give up hope on Pitch Perfect 3, though, because that would mean giving up hope on Anna Kendrick’s chances of taking home the Best Original Song Academy Award for “Cups: The Second Chapter.” That Oscar would sure look nice next to her equally prestigious “Hot & Funny” golden antlers trophy.

Kendrick was one of many winners at last week’s 10th Annual Guys Choice Awards, which airs tonight on Spike TV. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were named “Guys of the Decade”; Julia Roberts, “Woman of the Decade”; and Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci were inducted into the Guy Movie Hall of Fame for Casino. Kendrick won the “Guy’s Choice” award and was saluted for being “so physically perfect. For just being this specimen of beauty and lust.” When her Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates co-stars Adam Devine and Zac Efron noted that the award is also for her being funny, Kendrick poked fun at the whole evening, sarcastically responding, “Guys, guys, it’s a lot of work being funny all the time. Can I just be hot for once, with no skills and no talent?”

Hey, it worked for every actress who got killed in an 1980s horror movie.