Anna Kendrick Studied Horse Genitals To Prepare For Her Latest Role

Anna Kendrick is quite the charmer. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone with an internet connection that disagrees. The actress, who is possibly the best thing to come out of the Twilight franchise, is a hit on late night talk shows while also being unafraid to lay into misogyny on the big stage (literally). Perhaps one of the most likable things about Kendrick is that she’s refreshingly candid, and has never really been one to censor herself. This has never been more evident than it was in her recent interview with Vanity Fair’s The Scene.

While promoting her new film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with costars Aubrey Plaza and Adam DeVine, she was asked what she did to prepare for her role in the film. Her answer may surprise you. “I had to spend a lot of time looking at horse d*cks…” she told the site, “Looking at horses f*ck other horses…” How does looking up pictures of horse genitalia play into Kendrick’s getting into character for her new film? You’ll have to see it to find out. All we know is that Jared Leto’s Joker antics for Suicide Squad may have just been one-upped.

The whole interview is pretty hilarious, with the costars playing off of each other extremely well. Conversation topics include star Adam DeVine’s genital hairs and how the cast feels about going to weddings in real life. It’s very much worth watching, and if the chemistry the cast shows in this interview is present in the film itself, so is Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

(Via Vanity Fair)