Anna Kendrick, Liam Neeson, And Eddie Redmayne Discussed Sexy Cartoon Characters On ‘Graham Norton’

I don’t know what Anna Kendrick’s deal is at the moment. Earlier in the week she’s talking about furry dildos with David Letterman, now she’s raving about how hot Robin Hood looks in the classic Disney cartoon. The problem this time is she’s not alone.

Eddie Redmayne is the main party this time around, going on about how Maid Marian and Nala from The Lion King used to get his blood flowing back in the old days. They then got Liam Neeson in on the fun, choosing Wilma Flintstone as his animated seduction piece. Bradley Wiggins seemed to be the only one who hadn’t lost his mind because he went with She-Ra and Cheetara from the Thundercats, something Redmayne excitedly agreed with.

At least the last two were meant to be “sexy” or something along those lines. I always thought it was strange how people wanted to get all hot over video games and anime like Dead Or Alive and Tomb Raider. And if I’m picking anyone from The Flintstones, it’s going to be Betty Rubble.

(Via Graham Norton)