Here’s What ‘Indiana Jones’ Would Look Like If Rebooted With Anna Kendrick

In honor of Red Nose Day and to tie-in with the opening of Pitch Perfect 2, NBC had Anna Kendrick take over for Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. The set-up revolves all those female driven reboots that everybody loves (like Ghostbusters) and expands it out to franchises that have traditionally featured men in the lead role.

None of that actual matters because it’s all for fun and it’s all to give Anna Kendrick a little more spotlight. And a whip.

The only think that doesn’t sit well with me is how the female Indiana Jones is a stone cold thief. Not only does she basically steal every grail on the podium (dooming her friends and family who accidentally drink from them), but she also steals the poor knight’s heart, played by Brett Gelman from Married.

(Via NBC)