Anna Paquin Is Not Bothered By Fools Who Body Shame On The Internet

Getty Image / Alberto E. Rodriguez

Anna Paquin has been in the Hollywood game a long time (ever since she was hanging out with those geese) so she is surely no stranger to the ways that the industry can bring about unsavory comments about body image and on screen performances. The latest negative comments about Paquin came about after she stepped out with husband Stephen Moyer to the premiere of her latest film The Good Dinosaur. She looked stunning on the red carpet in a black and floral dress and a bright pair of shoes.

And yet, some people on that fickle mistress we know as “the Internet” didn’t agree that she looks healthy and gorgeous in the outfit and said something about it on social media. Paquin fired back with a single incisive tweet that hopefully puts some people in their place. Their time could be much better spent trying to solve climate change or come up with ice cream that doesn’t contain any calories. Much more important problems in the world than how Paquin looks in a dress.

(via The Huffington Post)

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