‘Ant-Man’ Cuts Himself Down To Size In This Motion Poster

One thing I’ve noticed about Ant-Man is that some people have a problem wrapping their heads around the premise. They get that he’s a superhero, they just don’t get what his power is, or think he just controls ants, or immediately start quoting that one scene from Zoolander, which has not been funny in any context for roughly a decade. It’s a problem that Marvel has neatly solved, however, with one GIF.

If you’re like me, and you have relatives who ask you to explain the concept of every movie, I recommend keeping this in your back pocket. Trust me, this is one of those cases where a picture is worth a thousand words and about 15 minutes of your time. You could also just make them see the movie, but that won’t be an option until July 17.

(Source: Comic Book Movie)