‘Ant-Man’ Makes With The Comedy In A Final Trailer

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We’ve been hearing that Ant-Man is funny, but we haven’t seen a lot of it, aside from Michael Pena freaking out. Fortunately, two weeks before the movie hits theaters, we’re getting a sense of just how funny it is.

There are also a few story hints, including an explanation of why Hank Pym didn’t pull on the suit and go fight HYDRA with Agent Carter or something. Apparently, Hank has been sitting on Pym particles for 40 years because whatever happened with his wife has traumatized him. Never mind that the technology would revolutionize just about every applied science, especially medicine, his feelings come first. Hank Pym is a dick.

Anyway, hopefully this hasn’t ruined every joke in the movie, but the more we see of the shrinking effects and how they’re used, the cooler it is. Just… don’t do the whole “ants in the suit” joke, guys. That one went stale somewhere around 1986.

(Via First Showing)

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