This ‘Ant-Man’ Viral Video Contains A Wealth Of Marvel Movie Easter Eggs

Leslie Bibb makes a return as Christine Everhart, Tony Stark’s news reporter fling from Iron Man 1 & 2, in this fake WHIH news broadcast that carries a lot of Marvel goodies along with it. The main attraction is the background it provides on Ant-Man, namely Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. Turns out Lang is a whistle blower, thief, and Robin Hood wannabe that went the full “Snowden” against tech company Vistacorp. At least he claims he’s a whistleblower, though the media seems to want to paint him a cyber criminal. I prefer to see him like this, though:

Elsewhere in the clip, we get a hint at what’s to come with Civil War and how the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron play into it all. It doesn’t provide too much, but it does note that Stark’s creation of Ultron is going to be a big reason why the events of Civil War take place. I’m just not fully sold on it playing out exactly like the comic storyline and there might even be some reversal of roles with Cap and Iron Man. Guess we’ll see next year.

There’s also some confirmation that Baron Strucker is considered dead, not that it was a surprise, but I’ve seen some folks say that he might have survived. Not the case. We also get news of an “earthquake” hitting South Africa (a green quake, I assume) and a nice mention of Thor’s gal pal, Jane Foster, giving lectures on dimensional travel. This is clearly a reference to Howard The Duck. IT’S ALL CONNECTED, PEOPLE!

(Via Marvel)