This Short Video Shows How Digital Cosmetics Make Celebrities Look Decades Younger

When Jessica Lange, who is a gorgeous woman in her mid-60s, had to look younger for a scene in American Horror Story: Asylum, some fancy digital tricks were employed to show a version of her character in a flashback from decades before. This method is called Digital Cosmetics, and the video above shows exactly how we are fooled by this on our TV and movie screens every day.

A similar method was recently used by Lola FX to take a few years off of Michael Douglas’s face for the beginning of Ant-Man; that was the same company that turned the buffer version of Chris Evans into the skinny, pre-serum Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger. While this isn’t a clip from Lola, it’s a great demonstration of how these “digital cosmetics” work.

(via Vimeo)