Aquaman Is A Metal God In A Behind-The-Scenes ‘Justice League’ Photo

We don’t yet know a lot about the movie version of Aquaman. We know how he talks underwater, that he can swim really fast, and doesn’t think much of Batman, but beyond that, he’s a mystery. A new behind the scenes photo reveals, though, that when he’s not ruling Atlantis or helping surface dwellers, he’s shredding on a Gibson.

Zack Snyder posted a behind-the-scenes photo from Justice League on Twitter that could also be a credible Monsters of Metal poster:

If you were wondering just why ol’ Orangeshirt, er, Orange Armor is running around with what appears to be a Gibson ES-390, Jason Momoa will apparently take out a guitar and rock at pretty much every possible opportunity. And yes, he’ll do it on set, too.

We hope this makes it into the final movie, although it would require Arthur to spend more time on the surface; after all, water doesn’t make a great medium for guitars to play in. But we can imagine Aquaman is given a waterproof guitar, courtesy of Wayne Industries, and he bursts from the waves, laying down a bitchin’ solo from Holy Diver or maybe a little Slash. Hey, even superheroes have to relax, and what is Aquaman going to do otherwise? Fish aren’t exactly stimulating conversationalists.

(Via Twitter)