Armie Hammer Must Survive A Desert Death Trap In The Appropriately Taut ‘Mine’ Trailer

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02.19.17 2 Comments

Armie Hammer isn’t staying still because he’s lazy. He’s staying still because the alternative is death. That’s the scenario presented in the trailer for the Italian import thriller Mine.

The film features Hammer as soldier stranded in the desert after his planned assassination attempt falls apart. Fate takes this soldier by the hand and guides him to a land mine stuffed desert. Our hero’s foot winds up atop a mine and has to survive 52 hours while not setting off the device. As you might expect, this preview sells the tense environment that comes from staving off death and evaluating your own choices.

“We met a lot of actors, and our first impression of Armie was really good,” explained co-director Fabio Guaglione in an interview with ScreenAnarchy. “We had seen him in The Social Network and The Lone Ranger, and we weren’t sure at first, he was quite different from how we pictured the character. But as Peter pointed out, Armie had worked with directors like David Fincher, Clint Eastwood and Gore Verbinski, then he has something. And when we met him, we could see the difference between him and the actor, but he was obviously very versatile. We knew, and he knew, that he could transform himself for this role.”

Mine is set to arrive as both a theatrical and VOD offering on April 7.

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