Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inspirational Speech To J.J. Watt Is Why People Love Him

01.09.16 3 years ago

It’s tough losing a playoff game, and even tougher to get absolutely crushed like J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans were on Saturday night. Fresh off a 30-0 thrashing at the hands of the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s only natural to expect the Texans to be down on themselves.

But The Terminator himself, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, wants no part of that pity party. The action movie star and former California Governor sent out a video following the game imploring Watt to get up and keep fighting. Schwarzenegger reminded them why they have every right to hold their head up high:

Just remember one thing–you didn’t lose the day. And I’ll tell you why:
Because losers stay down. And I know you and the Texans, you always get up.
That’s why you’re winners, and you always will be winners.
So get going and get up. Put some fire into this team and march forward.

In true Arnold fashion, he even closed it out with an “Hasta la vista, baby.”

So take that into the offseason, J.J., and keep grinding. Maybe try and learn quarterback because, really, you couldn’t be any worse than Brian Hoyer was. Arnold still believes in you and, in the end, isn’t that all anyone ever needs?

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