Arnold Schwarzenegger Says ‘Terminator Salvation’ Sucked

The fifth Terminator movie, Terminator Genisys, will arrive July 1st, and its predecessor in name only, Terminator Salvation, was the only entry in the series Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t present on set to make, due to his whole “being the governor of California” thing. (Still can’t believe that actually happened.) He didn’t mince words about his thoughts on Terminator Salvation during a cast interview with ABC’s Nick Watt.

Arnold Schwarzenegger starts talking about his favorite Terminator movies at 1:25 in the video below, via Screenrant:

We can sum it up for you. He likes all of the movies except the one he wasn’t in.

Nick Watt: “You didn’t do the fourth [movie]?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Thank God. It sucked.”