Netflix’s ‘ARQ’ Looks Like ‘The Purge’ Meets ‘Groundhog Day’

Everybody’s had a feeling of déjà vu, although usually that doesn’t involve being shot in the stomach. ARQ, though, mixes Groundhog Day with The Purge in this trailer for Netflix‘s new SF movie, in which one scientist (Robbie Amell) relives a harrowing home invasion.

The ARQ in question is a device that generates energy, which, in this future dystopia, is causing serious problems as wars unfold over oil and society collapses. Unfortunately, one of the unexpected side-effects of the ARQ appears to be repeating the same day over and over, which has its upsides when a group of masked men burst into your home to try and steal your limitless power supply. But, of course, there’s much more to this story, especially as our hero’s wife (Rachael Taylor, Jessica Jones‘ Patty) starts twigging to the constant loop herself.

It may sound a bit high concept, but the presence of Orphan Black and Hunters veteran Tony Elliott, in his feature debut is intriguing, and the trailer drops a few hints that there’s more to this story than it seems. It’s particularly welcome to see because the indie distributors and studios that normally would pick up a movie like ARQ by and large no longer exist. While the horror genre is still going strong, it’s getting harder and harder for small movies like this to get in front of audiences, and Netflix picking up that slack is something we hope they keep doing. We’ll see just how successful this particular example is September 16.

(via Vulture)