Get Immersed In A Carriage Chase In The Latest ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Clip

A new clip from the Assassin’s Creed movie was released during The Game Awards on Thursday night and it features some of the most exciting action of any trailers that we’ve seen so far. Mostly, the Creed trailers have just been a lot of table setting for the mythology and backstory of the movie, which is lifting quite a bit from the games. That means a lot of slow pans around metallic rooms and mysterious flashes to face tattoos or medieval Spanish settings.

But now, fans get a look at an epic chase scene that is similar to some of the coolest action players get to participate in the game itself. Everyone knows that the most enjoyable parts of the games are either running away from people, chasing people, or hiding in hay stacks (well maybe that last one is only me but to each their own). So the fact that this carriage chase clip is almost completely Aguilar racing down bad guys to save a child is already a great thing, but then the camera work and action choreography add another level to the excitement that melds well with the high-intensity race.

If every action scene and stunt has the same heart racing flurries of action and intense direction, then the likelihood of this movie pleasing fans of the game and Michael Fassbender alike.