Don’t Expect The Spanish Inquisition In These ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Videos

Assassin’s Creed takes a leap of faith into theaters today, so it’s our last chance to post some clips and call this movie Fassassin’s Creed one last time. (We will miss you, Fassassin’s Creed jokes. In the arms of the angel, fly away from here…) You can read our review at this link, where Mike Ryan says the film “doesn’t make the best use of Michael Fassbender’s talents,” which I assume means he won’t be hanging dong in this, which is a Shame.

This first clip features scenery muncher extraordinaire Jeremy Irons getting Michael Fassbender’s hackles up by showing him the wrist blade gauntlet his character’s father killed his character’s mother with, in case there was any doubt he had a tragic backstory.

Fox and Ubisoft have also released a couple of documentary-style promos, the first one voiced by Michael K. Williams, who plays Moussa. There’s not much to these. We don’t really recommend watching them unless you want to see what happens when a movie studio tries to explain a video game plot and takes it way too seriously.

Wow. That sounds serious. Super serious. Like “Spanish Inquisition” serious…

(Via 20th Century Fox and Awkward Elevator)