‘Deadpool 2’ Goes With An ‘Atlanta’ Star As The Sequel’s Domino

We’re still a year out from the release of Deadpool 2, but excitement was renewed — as if it ever waned — with the hilarious teaser that debuted ahead of Logan (Have you all stopped crying over “there aren’t any more guns in the valley” yet? Because I haven’t.). With the news that John Wick director David Leitch would be helming the sequel and the fact that more mutants would be involved, hype is pretty high, but Fox is the gift that keeps on giving because they have picked an ace Domino.

While early buzz surrounded actresses like Sienna Miller and Kerry Washington, relative unknown Zazie Beetz will be the telekinetic mutant mercenary who will plague/be plagued by Deadpool in round two. Beetz, who is gaining acclaim for projects like Atlanta and Easy, is an excellent choice for the role. Deadpool himself seems to agree, as Ryan Reynolds tweeted out his congratulations in his own Deadpool kind of way.

Following Deadpool 2, Deadpool and Cable, Domino’s partner in work and romance, will be heading up an R-rated X-Force film, so hopefully Domino will get to go along for the ride. No news on official Cable casting yet, but with Beetz’s announcement, the news is sure to follow soon.

(Via Variety)