‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Will Cross Over With ‘Agents Of SHIELD’

Anyone who has been following season two of Agents of SHIELD will not be surprised to hear that the show will be tying in directly with Marvel’s upcoming film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron. For viewers with lingering doubts, however, it has been officially confirmed by executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.

“You should expect something,” executive producer Jed Whedon says. “The Avengers is the big tent that all the franchises play under. Obviously, we’re included in that.”

While it’s unclear how the series will tie in to Marvel’s big blockbuster, this probably won’t be as big a crossover as the Winter Soldier once. [sic] “I don’t think any movie has the potential to impact us in the way that Captain America 2 did,” executive producer Maurissa Tancharoen says, “but there will be connections.”

I have no problem with Agents of SHIELD tying in with the Marvel films so long as it always serves both the show and the films. The tie-in with Thor: The Dark World had almost no impact and felt obligatory, while the tie-in with Captain America: The Winter Soldier changed the entire course of season one.

Tancharoen claims that Age of Ultron could not have the same impact on the show as Winter Soldier, but looking at the trailer for Age of Ultron, I don’t see how it could avoid having a substantial impact on Coulson’s new SHIELD. At the very least, Coulson should be crying fan boy tears over Captain America’s broken shield. I know I did.

Via Entertainment Weekly