Kevin Smith Believes That ‘Our Descendants’ Will Find ‘Avengers: Endgame’ As Powerful As The Bible

No matter how many times you’ve seen Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Kevin Smith has seen them more.

The Jay and Silent Bob reboot director is on record as having pressed play on Infinity War at least 53 times, and although he hasn’t revealed his number of viewings for Endgame, it’s presumably nearly as high. The highest-grossing movie of all-time is also a Biblical experience for Smith, as he recently revealed (confessed?) on Twitter.

“Religions have been founded on the Bible, resulting in millions of people deriving inspiration and moral strength from amazing stories about fantastic feats of faith,” he tweeted. “Hundreds of years from now, our descendants will find divine inspiration from the story of Cap wielding Mjolnir.” Smith is referring to the scene in Endgame where Captain America uses Thor’s hammer in the fight against Thanos — it’s an undeniably stirring moment for anyone who’s spent the last 10-plus years following the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and decades longer reading the comics), but comparing Endgame to the Bible is a bit much. Then again, he’s the guy who made Dogma, so it’s on brand.

While some of Smith’s followers protested his bold claim, many others agreed with the sentiment. “I’m like 90% certain the ancient Norse, Greek, etc. didn’t actually think of the gods as dieties, they were just their super hero stories of the time,” one wrote, while another added, “We already do Kevin! I’m pagan. Sheesh man pagans are everywhere and we have room for Cap amongst the pantheon and Thor is ready there.” This is getting dangerously close to “the characters in the Bible were the Avengers of their day.”

(Via Kevin Smith on Twitter)