Nerd Romance Blooms As Sebastian Stan And His Amazing Reactions Visit Wizard World

Sebastian Stan plays things pretty low-key as The Winter Soldier in Captain America: Civil War, but the guy has comedic chops (check him out in the overlooked The Bronze), and he seemed to be in a particularly dorky mood at this past weekend’s Wizard World Philadelphia. Fan photos coming out of the event have been a treasure trove of golden Sebastian Stan reaction shots, particularly in response to matters of the heart. It seems romance was in the air at Wizard World, and Stan just couldn’t contain his emotions.

Cosplayers John Felix and Natasha Marrero are big fans of Stan, and it turned out Wizard World was the anniversary of their first date. So, John hatched a brilliant plan, which you can see unfold below.

Risky move, man. Risky move. If John had forgotten the ring, it looks like Natasha might have just run away with Bucky Barnes, but all’s well that ends well. According to John, his proposal was a surprise and Sebastian Stan’s reaction was the real deal.

“The first photo with her hugging Sebastian Stan was the photo we always talked about taking, since it was a joke amongst us and friends that he would be the only one who could steal her away from me. That look of complete shock on his face is genuine.”

Ah, but the love doesn’t end there. There’s also this photo, which adds a whole new dimension to the shipping of Bucky and Cap.

Now there’s a face that tells a story. “Wait, what’s happening? Oh. Ohhhhh. I never…hmmmm. I have some stuff to think about…”

If Sebastian Stan’s next MCU appearance is just him standing around in his Winter Soldier costume reacting to everybody kissing each other, well, I’d be pretty alright with that.

(via BuzzFeed)