Aziz Ansari Prepared A Hilarious Self-Deprecating Response For His Golden Globes Loss

Even if you’re a talented comedian, actor and author, you have to prepare for disappointment. No one bats a thousand. No one wins every time. The only real winner year after year at the Golden Globes is Brad Pitt’s gene pool. Beyond that, anything goes.

That’s why Aziz Ansari was mentally preparing for a loss in the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical with his book: Losing To Jeffery Tambor With Dignity.

Unfortunately for Ansari, he didn’t lose to the Transparent star as expected. Instead he lost to Gael Garcia Bernal, star of Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle. A shocking, but deserving win, we must say.

As of this writing, there’s no information on if the contents of the book Losing To Jeffery Tambor With Dignity will be able to crossover to losing to Gael Garcia Bernal. We want help Aziz at this time, but we’re sure he’s just fine. Aziz has had one hell of a 2015, closing out Parks and Rec, publishing the brilliant Modern Romance and dominating Netflix with Master of None.

But the sting of not losing to Jeffery Tambor must last if you’re not prepared for it. Our hearts go out to Aziz. Here’s to next year, when Arrested Development will hopefully be back and putting Tambor back in a potential awards category.