Aziz Ansari Finally Buries The Hatchet With Johnny Five From ‘Short Circuit’

Aziz Ansari recently wrote an article for the New York Times about calling Fisher Stevens and getting some answers for his performance in the film Short Circuit — and Short Circuit 2 — where Stevens donned black face to play the Indian scientist behind the robot Johnny Five. It was a nice, refreshing take on the normal outrage situation, and Ansari reiterated that during his appearance on Conan Monday, promoting the excellent Master of None.

He even gets a nice crack in at folks who seem to live for finding these situations and sites that write about them for a week on end — which you do sometimes as a terrible, malnourished shark who wants to give people what they “like.”

But it seems he forgot one person he still has a problem with: Johnny Five himself. Conan plays Jerry Springer and brings Five out to confront Ansari about their issues, leading to an understanding between the two that soon transcends a silly comedy bit on a show and gives us cinematic peace. We can watch Short Circuit without guilt now, long before another form of guilt sets in for deciding to watch Short Circuit.

Hopefully the two made it out to Jumbo’s Clown Room together. It looks like a real fun place to hang out and meet failed circus performers.

(Via Team Coco)