Kevin Spacey Promises Crime Film Thrills Galore In This Action-Stuffed ‘Baby Driver’ TV Spot

Edgar Wright‘s latest motion picture is arriving on a tidal wave of good vibes following an SXSW slaying debut this spring. The latest promo peek has Kevin Spacey doing a bang-up job of selling the movie too.

This afternoon saw the reveal of a new TV spot for Baby Driver with the intertwining of Spacey’s dialogue matching up quite nicely with the cavalcade of action teased by 30-second spot. Explosions are plentiful, spectacle is promised and there’s a fun lil’ nickname for Ansel Elgort’s getaway man persona.

“I’m looking at some of the country’s finest thugs and of course young Mozart in a Go-Kart over there,” explains Spacey’s mysterious crime kingpin. “People love great bank robbery stories. So let’s give them something bold, shameless and brazen as f*ck to talk about over their lattes.”

In addition to Elgort and Spacey, the cast has star power to burn. Lily James, Jon Bernthal, John Hamm and Jamie Foxx also co-star. (Congratulations on the mini Horrible Bosses reunion, everyone!) The film centers around a regularly earbudded and supremely gifted getaway driver (Elgort) looking to live his old life behind and take the girl of his dreams with him.

Baby Driver races into theaters on June 28.

(Via Collider)