‘Back To The Future’ Was Briefly The Number One Movie At The Box Office This Week

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10.23.15 7 Comments

If Back to the Future Day taught us anything, it’s that despite playing separate iconic roles in three different decades, Christopher Lloyd still doesn’t get the respect he deserves (the man was Doc Brown AND Reverend Jim, dammit). Also, that people really love Back to the Future, and really like Back to the Future II, and really tolerate Back to the Future III. Besides the reunions, Pepsi Perfect, Kimmel appearances, Nike MAGs, and inaccurate predictions, the trilogy was re-released in theaters. And made a Biffload of money.

A theatrical re-release of the three Back to the Future films grossed an estimated $1.65 million from 1,815 North American theaters that offered up a helping of nostalgia. Globally, series lovers turned out in force. The international total for the limited engagement clocked in at $3.2 million, pushing the one-day total to $4.8 million worldwide. (Via)

That $1.65 million was enough to best The Martian. In your face, Matt Damon.

Look, all I’m saying is, next year is the 20th anniversary of Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco and Mars Attacks! and The Frighteners. There’s a Michael J. Fox movie marathon that would bring in the big bucks.

(Via Variety)

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