This ‘Back To The Future’ Fan Theory Points To The Real Hero Of Time Travel

We all know the famous (albeit slightly creepy) story of Back To The Future: After being sent back to his parents’ high school years, our protagonist Marty McFly teams up with the absent-minded Doc Brown to make sure his parents hook up and to avoid an existence-ending time paradox. But what if there was another character at play behind fixing the timeline that Marty and Brown are so interested in saving? And no, it’s not the dog Einstein.

A fan theory suggests that the true hero of Back To The Future is none other than the vehicle that powers the time travel antics, the Delorean. It may sound ridiculous, but come on, we’re talking about a movie where a teenager is being seduced by his teenage mom. The theory claims that there’s some level of sentience behind the car itself — not in a Nightrider way exactly, more like the one ring from Lord Of The Rings. See, even with all the smarts and expert guitar skills that Marty and the Doc have going for them, they’re still always just a hair away from running into their past and future selves, causing paradoxes, and unraveling the fabric of the time-space continuum. But it’s the Delorean that’s providing that little nudge when they (and our universe) needs it most. It just happens to stall when it’s absolutely crucial to trigger the time travel and not run into past selves. It also knows to show up in a relatively isolated area in the Delorean-less ’50s as to not run afoul of more time blunders. It’s a bit of a stretch theory-wise, but frankly, a bumbling, time-traveling duo need all the sidekicks they can get.