Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary By Streaming The ‘Back To The Future’ Trilogy For Free

As much fun as it is to follow “Today Is The Day Marty McFly Went To The Future” — a Tumblr that Photoshops the date and time of Marty’s trip to 2015 as the current date — this month actually does mark the date that Marty McFly goes to the future.

Oct. 21, 2015, to be accurate.

The first Back to the Future film was released 30 years ago, and as part of the anniversary celebrations, Amazon Prime is making all three movies available to stream for free the entire month of October. (So the “free” part is subjective — you have to already have paid for a Prime subscription.)

Universal Pictures and Amazon have partnered up to make Amazon’s streaming platform the exclusive home of Back to the Future. Most digital providers have been striving to provide exclusive or original content to drive service signups. This offer is part of an effort to boost sales of both Prime subscriptions and the upcoming release of the 30th anniversary DVD/Blu-ray special edition bundle on Oct. 20 (which you can pre-order on Amazon here.)

I suppose if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, this is just an awesome bonus. I can’t imagine people signing up for the service just to get the Back to the Future trilogy for a month. However, if you haven’t already, the Prime “free trial” is 30 days, so if you’re really in to Back to the Future but you’re on a strict budget, you could always game the system that way. It’s probably easier than trading used pinball parts for plutonium.

Speaking of Doc Brown, the Blu-ray/DVD box set will include two discs full of bonus content, including a new short film with Christopher Lloyd.

(Via TechCrunch)