You Can Now Peer Into The Batcave From ‘Batman V Superman’ With Google Maps

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Thanks to today’s modern technology, it’s never been easier to kidnap Batman! An unlikely Google Maps easter egg is offering up a glimpse of the brooding superhero’s home and the Batcave nestled inside. Convenient!

Warner Bros. and the tech giant have paired up to showcase Bruce Wayne’s Batman v Superman abode complete with the bells and whistles that come from being the Caped Crusader. Using Google Street View, voyeurs can navigate around the estate which is apparently located in Orion Township, Michigan. Bit of a commute from Gotham City, but real estate’s a complicated mistress.

As you can see from skulking around the set/home, what it lacks in traditional furnishings it makes up for courtesy of an impressive looking Batcave. A Batmobile, an assortment of gadgets and a certain defaced piece of wardrobe can all be spotted if you’re in the mood to scope out the surroundings. It’s also available in virtual reality form provided you have a means to explore that option.

Once you’ve wrapped up looking at the Batcave and the majesty within, there’s always the option of leaving a review of the residence. Call it a hunch, but we suspect the majority of the people leaving reviews might be fibbing about what they’ve seen.

(via The Verge)

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