Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, And Tara Strong Are Reuniting To Voice ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’

As announced last year, the groundbreaking (and still divisive) graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke is being made into an animated film. The first-ever R-rated Batman film, in fact.

The adaptation of (arguably) the The Joker’s most defining story was enough to convince Mark Hamill to once again do his iconic Joker, but Hamill isn’t the only classic Bat-voice we’re getting. In addition to Hamill as The Joker, The Killing Joke will also feature Batman: The Animated Series vets Kevin Conroy as Batman and Tara Strong as Batgirl/Barbara Gordon. Ray Wise will be stepping in as Commissioner Gordon, as original voice actor Bob Hastings has unfortunately passed away.

Hamill talked about once again getting to work with Kevin Conroy

“The chance to work again with Kevin Conroy, my favorite Batman, in what some consider the definitive origin of this iconic villain is a dream come true for me. I am beyond thrilled to return as The Joker in The Killing Joke!”

Meanwhile, Conroy sent the love right back.

“I’ve had the great privilege of voicing Batman for more than two decades, and some of my favorite moments in the recording booth have been alongside Mark Hamill. Mark always enables me to be a better actor.”

For a while it seemed like we’d never hear Conroy and Hamill paired together again. Hamill had threatened to retire as The Joker several times, and Warner Bros. had tried out some new Batmans, but between The Killing Joke and the new Justice League series, it seems the band is back together. It will be great to hear them working together again on The Killing Joke – the story may be bleak, and more than a little troublesome, but damn if it doesn’t have some amazing dialogue.

Batman: The Killing Joke arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this summer.

(Via Comic Book Resources)