‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Won’t Be The Last Time Mark Hamill Voices The Joker

Mark Hamill will always be best-known for playing Luke Skywalker, but for those of us who grew up during the ’90s, his pitch-perfect voicing of The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and various other projects may be even more beloved. Unfortunately, Hamill has been threatening to retire the voice for years now.

Thankfully, just as Hamill is about to get out, Warner Bros. keeps dragging him back in. After, supposedly, retiring with the Batman: Arkham City video game, he returned for Batman: Arkham Knight, and then once again teamed up with Warner Bros. Animation for Batman: The Killing Joke. But this is it, right? The Killing Joke was always Hamill’s Joker dream project, so now that he’s done it, he’s finally hanging up his purple pants and acid-spraying boutonniere?

Well, not so fast – a fan recently asked Hamill if he was done with the Joker on Twitter, and he gave a pretty clear-cut response

Of course, Hamill could be playing a tricky double-negative game with that tweet, but that kind of jerkiness isn’t really his style. I think we can take the “no” at face value. I wonder if delving back into the Star Wars universe and getting a chance to really embrace the fandom again has convinced Hamill to also keep his beloved Joker going? Whatever Hamill’s motivation, it’s great to know he’s sticking to it.

Batman: The Killing Joke comes out on DVD/Blu-ray July 25.

(Via ComicBookMovie)