Ben Affleck’s ‘Batman’ Gets A New Director From The ‘Planet Of The Apes’ Series

When it was announced that Ben Affleck would both direct and star in the next Batman solo movie, the main question was how he’d juggle two fairly complex jobs in addition to the rest of his career. After supposedly waffling about it, and after rumors went around he wanted to bail on the franchise altogether, it came out he’d no longer be directing. And now we know who’ll be taking the chair.

Specifically, it’ll be Matt Reeves, best known for his work on Cloverfield and the Planet Of The Apes franchise. Reeves will also be stepping into a producing role, freeing Affleck up to simply be Batman, according to Deadline. Reeves has shown a strong command of both character drama and special-effects heavy setpieces and his direction of the second entry in the revived Apes series was a big part of its success. (And there’s no reason to think that will change for the forthcoming War for the Planet of the Apes.) Plus he wrote Under Siege 2! No, really. That’s something he did.

Now the question just remains when we’ll actually see this movie. No firm release date has been set, although DC keeps adding movies to the schedule. Affleck likely wants to get his Agatha Christie movie Witness For The Prosecution off his plate before he straps on the Batsuit again, and Reeves still has some Apes commitments to finish up, so we may be waiting another year or so.

(via Deadline)