The Next ‘Batman’ Movie May Finally Have A Place On The Calendar

Senior Contributor
10.13.16 2 Comments

It’s been the subject of relentless speculation: When is Batman going solo again? We’ve got a villain, after all, we’ve got a star, so really it’s just a matter of getting the cameras rolling. And Warner Bros. might have finally clued us in.

The company has announced it’s blocking off September 27, 2019 and February 2, 2020 for “untitled event movies.” Despite the vague nature of the announcement, the math is pretty easy to do. A key Warners executive mentioned off-handedly that production on Batman is about “eighteen months out,” thanks to Affleck taking on Agatha Christie with Witness for the Prosecution. DC’s movie schedule aims to have a movie in theaters in early spring and mid-summer every year over the next few years.

The most natural fit, in terms of production time, would be February, especially now that Deadpool has proven that people will brave the elements to watch superhero movies. Of course, DC could still surprise us; for example, Justice League Dark has locked in a director, which likely means it isn’t going to take five years to make. There’s also the Harley Quinn solo movie, which is almost certainly a high priority for the company. We’ll just have to see as the DC cinematic universe unfolds.

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