Batman And Superman Have An Odd Theme Song Showdown With A Flaming Bagpipe

The Unipiper — not the dreaded pipe-smoking offspring of the Unabomber — has added his own spin to the titanic showdown between Batman and Superman. In the clip above, we get a chance to see Batman enjoying some sunshine and playing his ukulele. It’s a bit out of character, but the brooding is still there and that’s alright.

He’s pretty chipper and enjoying his day until Superman (Brian Kidd) comes piping by on his unicycle. Not only is he drowning out a fine ukulele performance by The Dark Knight, he’s doing it with a bagpipe that keeps shooting flames. It’s hard to compete with, even if the piper isn’t hitting all the proper notes.

Is it any wonder that Batman would be pissed at Superman? Kills a bunch of people at Waynetech in Metropolis, tells him to stop fighting crime in his own city, and now he’s rubbing his theme song in his face. The one thing Batman wouldn’t do is cry out to the heavens like an old timey silent film villain. I think Batman would be more apt to go toss on a big metal suit, take a ride in his new Batmobile, and then unleash his anger at the local open mic at the coffee house.

(Via The Unipiper / Imgur)