‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Gets A Brutal Honest Trailer

When Batman: The Killing Joke was announced, we wondered how a brief comic that’s seen significant criticism in recent years would translate to animation. And, sure enough, there were major changes fans objected to and forty minutes worth of filler before we got to the actual adaptation. So, time for Honest Trailers to smash through a skylight and start handing out some metaphorical punches.

It may not be the most scathing trailer they’ve ever put out, but let’s just say the Honest Trailers team reflects the rather low opinion the movie was greeted with when it arrived on DVD and had a limited theatrical run. And while the Screen Junkies heroes are their usual funny selves, underneath there is a fairly good point: This is, in the end, the past, and DC needs to embrace its future not just in the comics, but in the merchandise they turn out as well. They threw a staggering amount of talent at The Killing Joke, bringing back the voice cast of Batman: The Animated Series, and pairing them with that show’s creative team again, while bringing in popular comics writer Brian Azzarello to boot. And, well, they got a pretty funny Honest Trailer out of it, at least? Maybe it’s time to move on, guys.

(via YouTube)