Ben Affleck Surprised Fans And Took One For A Spin In The New ‘Batman V Superman’ Batmobile

03.02.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

Sometimes, surprises don’t go exactly as you planned. Ben Affleck decided to give some folks a shock by popping out of his Batman v Superman Batmobile during a Warner Bros. studio tour, and the fans’ reactions probably weren’t quite what he was expecting. Some of them asked whether he was real, and another guy thought he was the dude playing Superman. Speaking of which, almost everybody thinks Big Blue is going to win the upcoming Batman/Superman showdown. Poor Ben.

But hey, folks were a little more appreciative once he let them hang out in the new Batmobile. Affleck even let one fan go on a ride-along around the Warner Bros. lot. It is cool that the new Batmobile is an actual, functional car you can take out for a cruise if you so choose.

Affleck’s stunt was designed to promote the Batman v Superman Omaze campaign. Jesse Eisenberg and Henry Cavill have already done videos for it. They’re raffling off the chance to attend the Batman v Superman premiere and meet all the movie’s stars, and all the proceeds go to charities that support African educational opportunities, Congo stability and self-sufficiency, and endangered animals. You can learn more and enter the contest, right here.

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