Lex Luthor And Bruce Wayne Will Go Toe To Toe In ‘Batman V Superman’

Much has been said about the relationship between Batman and Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Both their names are in the title, so such a focus is understandable. But what about the film’s main antoganist, Lex Luthor? Considering the character’s comic book history and the tidbits teased by the Comic-Con trailer, we know he’s up to something. But what? And against whom?

According to the latest Batman v Superman-heavy issue of Total Film magazine, Luthor won’t just be gunning for the man of steel. He’s also got his sights set on Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne. At least, that’s according to actor Jesse Eisenberg.

When discussing the prospect of acting opposite Ben Affleck, who plays the caped crusader, Eisenberg noted how “strange” it was:

“It’s strange acting with people like Ben Affleck, having to condescend to someone like him,” he joked. “Off set, you’re thinking of this person in reverential terms, and then on set I condescend him, really quite nasty…”

Of course he doesn’t give away any plot details, but Eisenberg’s repetitive use of the word “condescend” is telling. That Luthor and Wayne should be posed in opposition to one another should come as no surprise. Not only because they are rival businessmen, but also because of their quarreling takes on good and evil.

Their history against one another in the comics isn’t as strong as Luthor’s opposition to Superman, but the seeds of conflict remain. Besides, the big blue boy scout is too good to really do any damage to Eisenberg’s young take on Lex. Batman, on the other hand, is not.

(Via Batman-News)

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