An Important Character Isn’t In ‘Batman V Superman’ For The Worst Reason (Spoiler)

The “Spoiler” in the headline doesn’t mean we’re saying Stephanie Brown (AKA Spoiler) won’t be in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, although we don’t expect to see her in there. Then again, with all of the cameos Zack Snyder is rumored to be tossing in, we can’t rule out Spoiler. But the spoiler we warned about in the headline is regarding another character we reportedly won’t be seeing when the movie opens May 6th, 2016. Continue reading only if you want it spoiled.

Badass Digest, who seem to have seen the script and are releasing details in dribs and drabs, have revealed that a major character has already died during the 17 years Ben Affleck’s Batman has been active in Gotham, and a character previously referenced as being dead in an older draft of the script may still be alive.

In this continuity James Gordon [is dead]. How and at whose hands I cannot tell you – all that’s noted in the script is that there’s a memorial plaque to James Gordon.

No wonder Batman is so sad.

What does a dead Jim Gordon mean for BvS? Not much technically – most of the story takes place in Metropolis although there are two major fight scenes in Gotham (one where Superman comes looking for Batman and a climactic fight scene) – but it could have big consequences for the new DC Movieverse. While pre-Terrio drafts of the script mentioned a deceased Robin, later iterations closer to the start of shooting don’t – perhaps in this continuity The Joker killed Jim Gordon instead of Robin?

In a previous rumor from Badass Digest, we heard Jared Leto‘s Joker isn’t seen in Batman V Superman, but he exists in that continuity and Superman knows about him.

There’s also a small update to yesterday’s post about Alfred. Jeremy Irons said the character is more “hands-on”, while Badass Digest compares him to Michael Caine’s version of the character in Nolan’s trilogy, saying he, like Caine, gives Batman advice “in the form of lengthy stories. In this movie he advises Bruce on his conflict with Superman by telling him a long tale about two competing samurai who come to blows while trying to save a village.” Zack Snyder having a character tell a long, public domain folklore tale during a character development scene is the most believable rumor of all.