‘Batman V Superman’ Clip Pits Superman Against The Batmobile

Entertainment Editor
01.09.16 8 Comments

“Tell me, do you bleed? You will.” If you remember that line from the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, now you have the full context. Warner Bros. has released a TV spot for the film which isn’t the typical TV spot. Instead of the usual quick cuts of things exploding interspersed with out-of-context dialogue, this TV spot is a seemingly uncut clip of what appears to be the first fateful face to face meeting between Batman and Superman, and the Batmobile pays the price.

Here we see Batman trying to run over Superman with the Batmobile, and yeah, not a good idea. Then again, those gas canisters conveniently laying around (safety first, you guys) say “Gotham Gas,” and Superman ought to know by now that sh*t gets crazy in Gotham. You walk around in a red cape, Batman might think you need running over. Speaking of which, at least we could tell the cape was red. Zack Snyder needs to tell his director of photography to point a damn light at something from time to time. It’s hard as hell to screencap anything with some color in a Zack Snyder movie. We get it. We get it. “Darkness. No parents.” Et cetera. Batman’s very brooding. It’s very tragic. Superman isn’t helping:

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