‘Batman V Superman’ Producer Just Leaked Which Origin Story Wonder Woman Will Have

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice producer Charles Roven seems to have accidentally revealed which origin story will be used for Wonder Woman in the film, so stop reading right now if you want to be angry in the theater instead of here.

Here’s what he said:

Yep. They’re making her a demigod, the daughter of Zeus. In other words, it’s the boring-ass New 52 origin story, not the much cooler one she’s had for nearly 75 years.

Why am I even surprised they’re using the New 52 origin? This is directed by Zack Snyder. Of course this movie is ditching the exposition-heavy — but f*cking awesome and rife with social commentary — origin story about Amazon Goddess Hippolyta molding life from clay and imbuing it with the soul of the unborn daughter of the first woman ever murdered by a man, and instead the studio is opting for the more simplified, typically-Hollywood story of the New 52 where her power comes from a man with huge name recognition: “Zeus’s daughter, bro, deal with it.

Via Badass Digest