Why ‘Batman V Superman’ And Zack Snyder Deserve A Fair Shot

01.13.16 4 years ago 61 Comments

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It’s January, which means Batman v Superman is roughly two months and change away. And that means another two solid months — and probably more afterwards — of Zack Snyder getting his chops busted on the internet. It’s difficult to think of a director who deserves it less. After all, his entire career has been building to bringing Batman and Superman to the screen for the first time, and it might just be brilliant.

Much of Snyder’s career has been about the careful and faithful translation of comic books to the screen. This habit started with 300 for which Snyder took a comic book largely told in enormous, expressive splash panels and translated it to the screen: Part of the reason he used so much slow motion was that it was an effective way to simulate the transition from still image to still image. And in Watchmen, he expanded the technique; Snyder doesn’t copy panels so much as use the layout of a page and the discreet moments Dave Gibbons depicts in his art as a guide.

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