Baymax Is Adorable (And Possibly Drunk) In These New ‘Big Hero 6’ Clips

10.16.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


We’ve got a few new Big Hero 6 clips for you, and surprise surprise, two out of the three star Baymax! They really should have called this movie Baymax 6 and just had it star six Baymaxes.

In the first clip, Baymax diagnoses some “injuries”…

In the second clip, Baymax acts like he’s drunk, but don’t worry, it’s just because he jumped out a window and suffered brain injuries!

Damn, Aunt Cass is kind of a fox.

This last clip doens’t have Baymax in it (boo), but it’s still fairly amusing.

Yup, this should do nicely until that Incredibles sequel happens.

Via io9

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