The ‘Baywatch’ Red Band Trailer Proves It’s Putting That R-Rating To Good Use

That Baywatch is A) a movie and B) a movie that has been rated R by the MPAA both seem more like improv comedy ideas than actual facts. But they are both real, and this trailer demonstrates that Baywatch has earned that rating, mostly, it seems, by visiting various indignities upon Zac Efron.

In the course of just this trailer, Efron is forced to fondle a corpse’s testicles (and have said fondling posted to Instagram), has body parts thrown at him, is forced to sleep in the closet of a lifeguard station (where he promptly discovers the Rock really is always watching you), and gets shot at. All of which Dwayne Johnson handles with more aplomb, not least when he’s busting out a rocket launcher.

As for the plot, it appears that somebody is running drugs on the beach, and for what we’re sure is an excellent reason, only the brave red-suited and very toned lifeguards can stop it. It also involves jetskis driving into playground equipment and the Rock getting into a fistfight in a little girl’s bedroom for reasons that we’ll just have to watch the movie to find out. Baywatch will run slowly into theaters May 26th.

(via YouTube)