‘Baywatch’ Hits The Waves With A Super Bowl Trailer

Can you turn a campy show like Baywatch into a flat-out comedy? It appears, so far, that the answer is “yes.” What we’ve seen so far is fairly hilarious, and the big game spot just underlines the promise we’re seeing.

The basic concept is “What if Ryan Lochte was forced by his disgrace into a lifeguarding job?” Zac Efron plays douchebag Olympian Matt Brody, who after a scandal is stuck lifeguarding the titular bay next to Mitch Buchannon (The Rock, taking over for The Hoff), a veteran lifeguard less than enthused to be stuck with a glory boy only there for the publicity. But, in classic buddy cop style, the two must put aside their differences and fight a criminal conspiracy they uncover. Except they’re not cops, they have no law enforcement authority, they don’t even have any guns… yeah, this might not end well for them.

The idea of the ’90s cheesecake syndication classic getting a spoof may seem a bit redundant, but everything we’re seeing shows that they’re using the cast, most of whom have more comic chops than they generally get to show off, to good use. We’ll see just how well they can run in slow-motion when Baywatch hits theaters May 27th.

(via YouTube)