Now You Can Watch ‘The Force Awakens’ With Your Personal BB-8 Droid

When we last checked in on Sphero’s BB-8, the $150 remote-controlled mini-droid was lighting up preorder lists. Using your smartphone, you could control your own little BB unit, and it would even communicate to you, then change its behavior depending on how you treated it. If you’re one of those (horrible) people that are mean to droids, you wouldn’t be able to hide it from your friends when they came over to spy your BB-8, because it probably wouldn’t like you. The programmable little machine truly was interesting, but how much would you really play with it?

It turns out Sphero wants BB-8 to truly be your buddy, just like he is with Poe Dameron. The company has released a series of updates that make BB even better, and the latest one coincides with the home video release of The Force Awakens, allowing you to watch the movie with BB-8. Seriously. You can watch BB-8 watch BB-8. BB-8-ception.

Using the microphone on your smartphone, BB-8 will Star Wars and chill with you. As things happen on-screen, it’ll flip out accordingly. This is enough to make the most jaded humans that don’t want droids in their cantina change their minds on the whole robot uprising.

And who doesn’t want to know how BB-8 reacts to *that* scene?

(Via Nerdist)