John Legend And Ariana Grande Sing ‘Tale As Old As Time’ In The Final ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Trailer

The final trailer for Beauty and the Beast was released just under two months until the movie’s release, and it may be the most enchanting look at the movie yet. The 2-plus minute trailer gives fans of the upcoming adaption a peek at pretty much every single character set to appear in the film, from Gaston and his sidekick Lefou, to Lumiere and Cogsworth to Mrs. Potts, to Belle and her dad, and of course the Beast himself, portrayed by Dan Stevens.

The latest look also provides fuller views of the iconic ballroom scene, as well as what is almost certainly Lumiere’s big “Be Our Guest” dance number and a partial panorama of the legendary castle library that Belle falls in love with. Most importantly though, it includes the official first listen of John Legend and Ariana Grande’s version of the classic song “Tale As Old As Time.” It may not be Angela Lansbury singing the beloved words, but it sounds like it will be a pretty incredible rendition.

It’s usually not a great sign when the final trailer of a big studio movie touches on every single scene and plot point in the span of a few minutes, but the fairy tale adaptation will have the chance to prove to audiences that this isn’t a bad sign when it hits theaters on March 17th.

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