The Entire Script For Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Bee Movie’ Has Been Immortalized In T-Shirt Form

Jerry Seinfeld created what is generally considered one of the greatest television shows of all time. When Seinfeld wrapped up in 1998, he could have done anything. Another TV show, record a big band album, bat lead-off for the New York Mets. Instead, Jerry took nine years to make Bee Movie.

Unlike Antz and A Bug’s Life, the talking-insect movie was met with indifference and confusion. Woody Allen as a neurotic ant made sense. Jerry Seinfeld as a bee who seemingly wants to have sex with Renée Zellweger? Not so much. In the years since it was sued by Howard Stern’s cousin, however, the otherwise unremarkable Bee Movie has undergone an ironic resurrection.

In 2014, someone tweeted every line of dialogue from the film:

That same script has since been printed on a T-shirt. The whole damn thing.

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Madison, 17, told BuzzFeed that she and her friends, “along with the rest of the internet, have been joking about it ever since the movie came out. It became customary to send the entire Bee Movie as a text or reply because it takes up so much space and is completely pointless to read. One year, my friend Jenna signed my yearbook with as much of the script as she could fit.”

Choice lines of dialogue include:

“Tomorrow night on Bee Larry King…”

“How about a suicide pact?”

“Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Classic stuff there.

A buddy gave Madison the greatest gift of all time, which you can buy here, assuming you want to explain to everyone you meet why you’re wearing a shirt with the script for a movie about a talking bee named Barry B. Benson.

Me? I’m waiting for a BeeBee8, which probably already exists.

(Via BuzzFeed)