Broken Lizard’s ‘Beerfest’ Is Getting A TV Show Just In Time For Its 10th Anniversary

It’s been slightly slow going for the Broken Lizard team the past few years, the glory days of Super Troopers long since past. But now, on the heels of the upcoming Super Troopers sequel, comes word of another visit to some of their more beloved, if slightly more obscure characters.

Deadline reports that there will soon be a digital series based on Beerfest, the hilarious 2006 comedy that saw the Broken Lizard guys exercising their rights to drink as much beer as is humanly possible, and then some. The movie centered around two brothers who join up with three friends (all played by, you guessed it, Broken Lizard) to enter and win a Fight Club style beer drinking competition and defend the family honor against a team of German guzzlers. The movie was chock full of laugh out loud performances and featured names such as Donald Sutherland, Cloris Leachman, Will Forte, Mo’Nique and Nat Faxon.

The series will arrive later this year to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Beerfest courtesy of CW Seed and Blue Ribbon Content, the shortform digital production arm of Warner Bros. Billy Gerber, a producer on the movie, will lead the way on the series as executive producer.

So if you long for the days of watching grown men learn the physics of chugging beer out of a giant glass boot without spilling any on themselves, get pumped. More Beerfest is on the way.

(via Deadline)