Ben Affleck Is Going From Batman To Agatha Christie

Over the past few years, Ben Affleck has proven that he’s equally adept at playing masked superheroes, screaming obscenities about dumb controversies, and pretending to be a bad husband (I wonder where he found his inspiration?). Only one of those unique skills will come in handy on the set of Witness for the Prosecution, which he’s reportedly set to star in and direct.

Based on Agatha Christie’s short story (which was later turned into a Edgar Award-winning play and Academy Award-nominated movie starring Marlene Dietrich) of the same name, Witness follows Leonard Vole, who’s arrested for killing a wealthy older woman. When Leonard’s wife, Romaine, testifies at his trial, she does so as a witness for the prosecution. Things only get more twisty and Christie from there. Ask your grandparents; they’ve read it.

Affleck hasn’t officially signed on yet, but he’s “in talks” to step behind the camera and play an unspecified character, according to the Hollywood Reporter, which adds, he’ll “produce with Jennifer Todd and Matt Damon along with the Agatha Christie estate.” Production will possibly begin once Affleck finishes the prohibition drama Live by Night, which he wrote, directed, and stars in, and before shooting for his solo Batman movie commences.

Think DC fans are rough? Wait until you mess with Christie-heads.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)