Ben Affleck May Get His Own Batman Movie After All

One thing that stuck out, back when Warner Bros. announced their superhero slate through 2020, was the total lack of a Batman solo movie. It was especially odd because, at the time, they’d locked in Ben Affleck, who’d just racked up a pile of directing awards for Argo, and they had his screenwriter Chris Terrio, who took home an Oscar for that same movie, working on the first three DC movies. Turns out, Warner Bros. might have realized what they have.

According to Latino Review, Warner Bros. is supposedly giving Affleck and Terrio the job of launching another solo Batman movie. Called The Batman, it would be on the clock for 2018. The timing would line up: Affleck is currently working on the gangster movie Live By Night for 2016 as actor and director, and that would leave the way clear for him to take on the task of directing The Batman.

The current rumor also has it going up against the Captain Marvel movie, which smells more like fanboys wanting a fight than something that would actually happen. 2018 will be a busy year for Marvel, though, with Black Panther, the aforementioned Carol Danvers movie, and the first part of Avengers: Infinity War. DC, meanwhile, has Flash in March and Aquaman in July. Nah, if this happens, and it arrives in 2018, expect Batman to throw down a smoke pellet on Memorial Day weekend.

(Via Latino Review)