Ben Stiller And Elton John Show Off With Their Best Blue Steel Looks From ‘Zoolander’

The glamour was in full effect on this week’s episode of Graham Norton, with Elton John and the cast of Zoolander 2 sharing the couch and showcasing their best looks for the audience. Norton asked Stiller to talk a bit about where Derek Zoolander gets his “blue steel” look and Elton John instantly understood, calling out Victoria Beckham’s name. He then poses his own look to replicate what he says all the girls know about posing for the camera, outdoing Zoolander by miles.

The group then all tried to post for one giant selfie with an extremely large selfie stick. It ends in disaster once the stick falls off and almost hits Elton John in the head — his fault for choosing to sit instead of joining the group. Actually it’s likely all of their faults for choosing to use a selfie stick in the first place.

And finally Jack Black and Elton get a chance to spend a little time together alone to talk music. Black reveals how he is a huge Elton John fan, but isn’t too good at remembering the lyrics, opting for the grooves and the melodies instead. This brings up a certain song which Black starts to perform out for John until the singer can figure it out. It’s pretty cool.