More Details Emerge Behind The Severe Charges Against Benny ‘The Jet’ From ‘The Sandlot’

The last time we checked in on Michael Vitar, who you know as Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez from The Sandlot, he was in a lot of trouble with the law for his role in an assault last year. Vitar, who is now a firefighter, allegedly had a hand in assaulting a man who was handing out candy to children on Halloween. The trio of firefighters who were accused of assaulting the man claimed that they were trying to detain him because he was under the influence of drugs.

As it turns out, things are worse for Vitar and his two firefighter buddies than we had originally thought. While it was previously believed that one of Vitar’s firefighter friends simply choked the man until he passed out, TMZ reports that the man’s heart stopped and he had to be revived by firefighters.

The warrant claims the 2 firefighters began beating on Chang, restraining him with a chokehold. The legal docs claim Vitar — now a firefighter as well — joined in, mid beating.

The warrant says the beating was so bad Chang’s pulse stopped and the firefighters had to get their gear and revive him.

Chang was taken to the hospital with horrific injuries, including burst blood vessels in the eye, bleeding on the brain, kidney failure and hemorrhaging due to suffocation.

TMZ said that the firefighters believed the student was under the influence of PCP, but a drug test found that not to be the case. In fact, the student didn’t have any drugs in his system, according to doctors. It remains to be seen whether this latest development would have any impact on potential sentencing – at last check, the trio were facing four-to-seven years in prison for the beating.

(via TMZ)